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20th Anniversary Limited Edition

The 20th Anniversary limited 300 amplifiers edition is an improved version of the models which have written Sinfoni's history. With a frequency response extended to the limit and a completely redesigned and reconfigured board, the Ingot-1 takes the best from the La Prima highest range amplifiers to return an incredible soundstage into your car in terms of details, dynamic and impact.


The board is completely reconfigured in order to provide more currency on difficult loads, improving dynamic on higher volume of listening.

Frequency response

cross the edges with the frequency response extended to 7Hz to 70.000Hz.


Each piece is numbered for a limit of 300 pieces worldwide.

Technical details

Power supply: 9-15Vcc

Standby current: <1.2A

Input sensivity: 0.4-8V

Input impedance: 48KΩ

Output power 4Ω @ 12V/14.4V: 60/80Wx2

Output power mono 4Ω @ 14.4V: 290Wx1

Frequency response: 7Hz-70.000Hz

Signal/Noise ratio: <90dB

Dimensions (WxHxD): 226x40x187mm

Weight: 2.0Kg


20th anniversary limited edition